BBQ at maroondah Dam

We took all the kids out for a BBQ lunch at maroondah reservoir/dam today. It was a lovely sunny day which is too nice to spend at home listening to seven children fight and whinge at each other. At least outside the sound travels lol.

I recently brought a Ergo carrier off a friend to carry Noah with because I was sick of having to push the pram or carry him around in my arms whenever we went out. Today was the first test run and I’m really happy with it. We walked around the reserve and up to the dam which took about 30-40 min (mostly uphill) and I found it really comfy. He is only 11kg so he really isn’t heavy at all.

Because of all the rain we have had recently the dam was overflowing which created a huge waterfall which the kids loved. However, because some of the bridges were being repaired we couldn’t get very close to it. We then walked back and let them play at the park for a while.

It was Triggers first family outing as well, he loved it but I think we wore him out. He slept the whole way home in the car and has been asleep since we got home lol. Poor little pup.

I have been really struggling lately with keeping my patience when all the kids are together. It is a real challenge a lot of the time. There are a lot of attitude and respect problems with some of them and it really does my head in. I also get so frustrated at all the squabbling that goes on between the two groups of kids. Mine verses his.

Koby and Charlee get equally as frustrated with the bad attitudes and tantrums that Trent’s kids constantly throw, but there is very little I can do about it because they are not my kids. All I can do is try and lead by example and teach koby and charlee to be tolerant and to not aggravate the problem by constantly bossing them around and talking back.

That on top of repeated stealing incidents, talking back and almost constant lying it has been a huge test of patience, good will, good parenting and a whole lot of big deep breaths and hiding away in my bedroom (which is where I currently am) over the past few months. But I just keep telling myself that as long as we teach them the right way to act together and towards Trent and I while they are with us (despite the fact it all gets wiped away the moment they go home to their mother) then eventually as they grow older it will get easier to deal with. It will won’t it?

Anyway, that’s enough whining and venting for one post. Here are some photos I took on my phone today.






















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