The kitchen

I just realized i never update anyone on the kitchen status. Well it’s 99% done, i’m just waiting for the tiles to be put up for the splashback and also a few kickboards along the bottom. Everything else is in working order and i love the new layout. It is SO much more functional, especally when there is more than one of us cooking. On weekends both Trent and I help cook the meals, and the other kitchen was just so squishy, we would constantly be bumping into eachother. Now one can work down one end preparing while the other is over the other side cooking.

Here it was before

and here it is now

I am loving the extra bench space and the crisp clean white and my favourite part?…the dishwasher of course. I had to go without it for a few days this week because we thought it was broken (thankfully it was just user error ot mechanical error lol) and it was like i had lost an arm. It was hell having to go back to hand washing everything. I love my dishwasher.

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