Lila Maie open for buisiness

It’s official, Lila Maie handmade clothing is officially open for business. I have six designs on offer at the moment with more in the works. Ordering is as simple as choosing your design and your basic size. After that you can have a browse of my fabric stash and pick out a fabric that you like. Once you know what you want send through your order and let me know the details.

It will take me approximately 1-2 weeks to get the item to you. All items are available in sizes 7-12.

The designs I have at the moment are

The Hayley top $25


The Mae Dress $50


The Charlee Skirt $25


The Leslie Jumpsuit $40


The Lila Top $30


The Lorna Dress $50


If you purchase two or more items in the one transaction you can enter the code “freeshipping” to receive free postage worldwide.

Lila Maie

lilamaie_marketing01Introducing a little something i’ve been working on in my spare time. I am opening up a custom made dress business directed at the 7-12 year girl age group. I have been making things for Charlee for years now and i’m always asked if i sell them. And now i can say, yes….yes i do.

Well not immediately, but hopefully within the next two weeks. I will keep you all posted :)

Grommet day

Last Wednesday Noah and I got up very (very very very) early in the morning and headed into hospital to finally have his grommet/tubes put in his ears.

He has suffered from very bad glue ear for the last two years at least and the erratic blockages have effected his hearing and speech for some time now. So it was a relief to finally have them cleaned out and drained properly.


We arrived at the hospital at about 6:20am and began our wait. Our lovely nurse Mohamud was fantastic and very helpful. He kept Noah relaxed and entertained while we waited for his turn. He even went and found him a little Noah sized hospital gown (even though he was fine just wearing his pjs.


I brought my iPad along to keep Noah entertained, and it worked well for most of the morning until about 9 when he started to get restless. Thanks goodness the nurse came and got us half an hour later.

I walked into the operating theater with him, because of his age it was decided that it would be best for me to be there while they put him to sleep. He was very brave but I could also tell that he was really worried and not sure about what was happening. He started to cry just as he went off to sleep which made me feel horrible.

Anyway, he was only gone for half an hour and then they called me back into the recovery area to help him wake up. It took longer than normal for him to come out of his sleep. He was wriggling and squirming around and acting really disorientated.


But eventually after about 20 min he was awake enough for us to go back to the ward. We hubs around there until about 12:30. Mohamed found Noah some jelly and then searched high and low over the hospital for a little tub of ice cream which made him even more popular.


And after that we headed home again. Everything ran smoothly and exactly as planned which was great. It was a long day though, we were both glad to get home and sleep for a while.

Now that his ears are all fixed our next step is to start speech therapy and also go and visit the RCH cleft palate team to have an examination to determine if he has any problems with his palate. But that won’t be fore a few more months yet.



My star-burst granny square blanket is slowly getting bigger, i have one more row of pink to go then i’m moving into the yellow/orange section.

stuff-005sOur pumpkins are also growing, this was the only vegetable that we managed to get into the ground a few months ago, and it is doing lovely. I’m expecting lots of pumpkins this autumn.

stuff-012s stuff-014s stuff-015sOur family has also grown by two, after loosing Fifi a few weeks back, we decided to replace her with not one but two new babies. The little one in the front Charlee picked and is called Pepper, and the other Seeahn chose and called Pepsi.

Cookie has taken on the mummy/dominant role perfectly and protects them like they were her own babies. She was a bit unsure of them at first but it didn’t take her long to adjust. I switched them all over into the bigger cage and popped Pixie (the bunny) into the smaller one, so they have more room for the three of them. I think starting them all out on equal territory has also helped them to get along better. So cute.

Love hate. Hate love

stuff-007s stuff-008sLarge families are tough. I’m guessing large families that are all biologically related are hard enough, but large families where children have been thrown together at random ages is really really tough. There is a constant battle of “the pecking order” and who is playing with who and which child is not aloud to join in. There is constant copying of the “favorite” and the “leader” (one guess looking at these two photos as to who the leader and the favorite always is??) and endless jealousy of what one person has compared to another. Is it fair? Is it even? if she/he has one i must have one. immediately. And it must be exactly the same.

One moment the are all playing wonderfully and everyone is included…then all hell will break loose for no apparent reason and it’s all out war.

Our biggest problem at the moment (in fact, make that always) is copy-cat behavior.

Trents girls are obsessed with Charlee…o b s e s s e d.

They copy everything she does, wears, says, eats, touches, plays, draws, sings, shouts, likes, hates.

and. it. drives. her. nuts

suffocates her. makes her go crazy. causes her to loose the plot and scream and shout. makes her run away and hide under her blankets, or in my room. block her ears and say la la la la la to make them go away.

She is patient and tolerant for only so much time…usually it gets to about half way through the weekend and her patience for it wears out. She collapses in an over stimulated frenzy and just wants them all to go away and leave her alone for five minuets.

This is the life of an introvert surrounded every weekend by extroverts. They suck the life out of her.

And the hard part is, no one is particularly to blame. They can’t help wanting to be and do everything she does…she can’t help not liking it.

No right. No wrong. No solution.

Just frustration for everyone involved.