Crafty stuff


While my finger was recovering the other week, it was too sore to carry on with my knitting/crochet projects so I decided to start a little cross stitch instead. All the materials were picked up at an op shop. They came in a kit with a very tacky teddy bear design, so I designed my own little welcome sign instead. I love the old fashioned look of it compared to the modern reference to wifi. What more do you need in life to be happy?


My starburst granny blanket is coming along slowly. I must admit that I haven’t touched it in about three months, however I did take it along to craft group with me on Friday and finished off another row. I only have two more yellow rows to go and then I may add a boarder. It seems a shame to quit now so I’m determined to get started on it again.


This gorgeous bundle of hand spun yarn arrived in my post box yesterday, it is my first ART4ART swap item (if you have no idea what I’m talking about you had better head over to my other blog and go find out). I have decided to knit myself a pair of fingerless gloves with it, I’m just deciding on which pattern to use.


I made another dress for myself using the same pattern as the last. This time I managed to get Koby to take a photo of me in it.

That’s about all for today, at the moment I’m enjoying a coffee and a bit of peace while the boy plays outside. It doesn’t matter how cold it is, he still wants to be out there all day.
At the moment he is messing about in the woodshed trying to stack bark.


Quick pillow-cushions


I picked up these three vintage linen tea towels a while ago at an op shop. I was always planing on turning them into cushions for the couch but I could never bring myself to cut them in half (to turn them into square throw cushions). Then the other day I had an epiphany. I don’t have to cut them! It turns out they were all the perfect size to turn into pillow cases instead.

You can have pillows on the couch instead of cushions right? Why not


All I did to make them was cut one coordinating fabric to the same size as the tea towel, plus I added in a little flap to tuck the pillow into, sewed up the edges and I was done. I think it took about 5 min to make each cover.

Besides being good cushions, with so many little bodies over on the weekends we are always in need of pillows and blankets, so now we have three more pretty pillows for the girls to fight over.

Sewing for me

I’ve been inspired to do a bit of Spring sewing for myself lately. After much rummaging through my own patterns and also online I came across this pretty 50′s day dress pattern in this ETSY store, which has a huge range of other patterns available. Now the method used for this pattern is not for the faint hearted. If you have little to no sewing experience then I don’t recommend them. They come with no “sew a to b” type instructions at all, just the basic pattern and instructions on how to scale the pattern pieces to your size based on your measurements.


After much fluffing I managed to get the pattern pieces scaled. I made a mock up of the bodice out of scrap fabric to make sure it would fit and discovered that I had to alter the pattern quite a bit.

I am a typical “Apple shape” body type, I’m very round in the middle (hardly any defined waist) but I have narrow shoulders, skinny arms and legs. I also have a short torso, so I had to mess around with darts and shortening the length of the bodice.

Once that was sorted the sewing part was easy. I chucked a bit of a tantie last night when I tried it on half way through and felt like a potato wearing a tent. But I woke up fresh this morning and plowed along to finish it up regardless.

Once I tried on the finished dress I was happier than I was last night. I still wish I looked like the pretty girl on the cover, but it does fit and once I find a nice belt to cinch in the waist a bit more it will have a more fifties look.

I couldn’t get a decent photo of it on me on my own so here it is up on the wall for now.



The fabric is a vintage cotton sheet, it is quite heavy weight so it isn’t really “floaty” when I’m wearing it. I am planing on making another in a lighter weight cotton though which will have more swish to it.

Now I just need some sunny spring weather and somewhere important to go so I can wear it.

Sometimes blogging is hard

Especially when every day seems quite uneventful, repetitive, ordinary or you have already shared photos on Facebook or Instagram. I forget about this poor sad little blog and often wonder whether anyone (besides my mum) even reads it LOL

But I can’t bring myself to get rid of it just yet, so it will remain here quietly waiting for me to post occasionally.

I slammed my finger in the car door last week and smashed the nail. The finger itself was only mildly fractured thank goodness but it has rendered me pretty useless over the past week.

Besides that we have been having some pretty cold weather still that has dusted the surrounding hills in snow. We headed up to get some more wood last weekend and ran into a heap of snow instead. It made the job more fun but not much wood was collected.

Charlee is booked in to have eight baby teeth removed under a general anesthetic in two weeks time. Not fun. And not cheap.

My gallery show also opens at the end of next week, everything is complete and ready to hang. Thankfully it was all done before I decided to smash my finger in a door…














School holidays




- we have had lunch at two local cafe’s
- I finished Book 1 of Game of Thrones and I have just started book 2
- the kids saw two movies (one with their dad and be with Nanna)
- spent the day in the snow (which disappeared again a few days after we went. But thanks to another icy blast there is meant to be a fresh new dumping of snow this weekend)
- lots of pajama days with Guinea pig cuddles, xbox playing and pancake eating.
- I got new glasses and a haircut. Woohoo, new me.
- had lots of play dates with both old and new friends.
- visited the Chocolate Factory
- Charlee has been helping me colour in my new Colouring book, Secret Garden which is very pretty and relaxing. (Yes I brought myself a Colouring book for my 33rd birthday… So what)

The kids are spending this last weekend of the holidays with their dad and Grandparents which means I’m kid free until Sunday.

Most mums would look forward to it but I don’t, I miss them terribly when they are not here and I usually spend most of the time worrying until they get home again. I have a few things planned to keep myself distracted as best as I can until they are safe home again, including some reading, painting and other such things.

I hope you all had a lovely mid year break as well