School holidays




- we have had lunch at two local cafe’s
- I finished Book 1 of Game of Thrones and I have just started book 2
- the kids saw two movies (one with their dad and be with Nanna)
- spent the day in the snow (which disappeared again a few days after we went. But thanks to another icy blast there is meant to be a fresh new dumping of snow this weekend)
- lots of pajama days with Guinea pig cuddles, xbox playing and pancake eating.
- I got new glasses and a haircut. Woohoo, new me.
- had lots of play dates with both old and new friends.
- visited the Chocolate Factory
- Charlee has been helping me colour in my new Colouring book, Secret Garden which is very pretty and relaxing. (Yes I brought myself a Colouring book for my 33rd birthday… So what)

The kids are spending this last weekend of the holidays with their dad and Grandparents which means I’m kid free until Sunday.

Most mums would look forward to it but I don’t, I miss them terribly when they are not here and I usually spend most of the time worrying until they get home again. I have a few things planned to keep myself distracted as best as I can until they are safe home again, including some reading, painting and other such things.

I hope you all had a lovely mid year break as well

new paintings

I have been busy creating the last series of paintings ready for the exhibition in August. Here are a few small works. These are all around 15 inches square, except for the first one which is about 20x24in.







Snow Day

snow2014_1 snow2014_2It’s the first day of school holidays and what better way to spend it than in the freezing cold, wet snow. We have had some really cold weather up here in Warburton the past few weeks and as a result, Mt Donna Buang (which is about 20 min away from our house) has had a good dumping of snow on the summit. Enough for tobogganing and snow play at least.

We don’t have any kind of official snow gear, so we just rugged up in lots of layers and hoped for the best. We lasted about 2.5 hours before getting soaked through. Charlee and Koby went up and down the toboggan run about a dozen times and Noah spent most of the time building various snowmen.

This is the first time the kids have been to the snow (except for a brief half hour visit when Charlee was about 2 and they both cried the whole time) so they were very excited. If the snow lasts we might even go back again next week…just because we can.

Sub mucous cleft

I finally got a good photo of Noah’s sub mucous cleft and I thought it would be good to show it here for those who have never seen one or others who have children with the same condition.


Now here is a bit of a comparison so you know what you are looking at. The first photo on the left is a normal throat with a single uvula (the dangly bit on your throat). On the top right is what a sub mucus cleft looks like, see the line through the roof of the mouth that is darker and the split (bifid) uvula? Noah also has a bifid uvula but you can’t see it in the photo because his tongue is in the way, but you can clearly see the cleft along the roof of his mouth.


Now that cleft is the reason he has a lot of trouble pronouncing certain sounds. The roof of his mouth (the palate) and his tongue don’t form a complete seal when he talks which means air escapes through his nose and strong consonant sounds that require pressure such as b, p, g, t, d etc are hard for him to reproduce, this is called Velopharyngeal insufficiency (VPI).

So there you go, a mini science lesson for you all.


If you follow my other Clair Bremner blog you will have already seen this but if you haven’t the head over and have a look and read about the Kick starter project I have started.

I’m not going to repeat myself about it all again here, but just in case you missed it here is the link so you can read all about it