Veggie patch replan


Last time I posted I mentioned that we were planing on starting our vegetable patch. Well that didn’t exactly go to plan. We decided after a bit of deliberation that the location we had cleared was a bit too small and also didn’t receive enough sunshine.

So instead of putting it there Trent spent most of Sunday clearing out another area lower down on the block and more out in the open. So the vege patch hasn’t happened yet. Which meant that I’ve had to temporarily put the seedlings I brought into pots. No big deal.

Anyway, we spent sometime today tidying up the yard and clearing debris from the excavation. I have also planted out the new garden beds a lot and they are looking really good.

The veggies will have to wait another week or so until we get more materials to make the raised patches. As they say, If you’re going to make something permanent it’s best to take your time lacking sure everything is exactly where you want it.



Since last time



- I’ve planted out some of the garden beds that were created during the path making process. Everything I planted was moved from another part of the yard. We have quite a lot of overgrown areas, and it’s amazing what you find when your bank account is too empty to buy plants.

- I did however stock up on a few vege plants because we are starting our vege patch this Sunday. I only got enough to fill maybe half of one bed but it’s a start.

- I’ve been doing some arty stuff as well, creating vector patterns and adding them to RedBubble (you can find me by searching for ClairBremner).

- I had my photo taken for the local paper today, they are doing a little piece on the exhibition at Yerring Station.

- Charlee has healed up really well. She is back to eating normally, which is still a bit of a challenge with no front teeth.

- Ive had a bit of a head cold this week, so I am looking forward to some kid free time on the weekend. Sometimes it’s nice to not have to worry about anyone else for a while.

- I’m current still knitting these pretty little mits out of some hand spun yarn. I have completely finished one and I’m half way through the second.

That’s all folks.

Teeth and tracks


Yesterday was a big day, Charlee had to head into hospital to have some baby teeth removed under a general anesthetic. She was very anxious and stressed about it all but the nurses were really good and she went through with everything very bravely. All up she had nine teeth taken out. So she is quite sore and miserable today.

While we were busy, the boys were equally as busy. Trent took the day off work to take the other kids to school and look after Noah. They spent most of the day mucking about in the excavator. We have been planing on cutting some pathways through the yard for a while. Our property is on a pretty steep hill and it’s hard to walk around, so Trent has cut through a few flat pathways.





It doesn’t look like much at the moment but once the dirt compacts and settles a bit we will add gravel then plants to the edges. The idea it to create a more landscaped look rather than just open space between trees. So lots of little garden beds and pathways.

He also dug up an area for the vege patch and leveled out an area where we hope to put a studio in the future.


Like I said, it doesn’t look very pretty at the moment but it will eventually.

Crafty stuff


While my finger was recovering the other week, it was too sore to carry on with my knitting/crochet projects so I decided to start a little cross stitch instead. All the materials were picked up at an op shop. They came in a kit with a very tacky teddy bear design, so I designed my own little welcome sign instead. I love the old fashioned look of it compared to the modern reference to wifi. What more do you need in life to be happy?


My starburst granny blanket is coming along slowly. I must admit that I haven’t touched it in about three months, however I did take it along to craft group with me on Friday and finished off another row. I only have two more yellow rows to go and then I may add a boarder. It seems a shame to quit now so I’m determined to get started on it again.


This gorgeous bundle of hand spun yarn arrived in my post box yesterday, it is my first ART4ART swap item (if you have no idea what I’m talking about you had better head over to my other blog and go find out). I have decided to knit myself a pair of fingerless gloves with it, I’m just deciding on which pattern to use.


I made another dress for myself using the same pattern as the last. This time I managed to get Koby to take a photo of me in it.

That’s about all for today, at the moment I’m enjoying a coffee and a bit of peace while the boy plays outside. It doesn’t matter how cold it is, he still wants to be out there all day.
At the moment he is messing about in the woodshed trying to stack bark.


Quick pillow-cushions


I picked up these three vintage linen tea towels a while ago at an op shop. I was always planing on turning them into cushions for the couch but I could never bring myself to cut them in half (to turn them into square throw cushions). Then the other day I had an epiphany. I don’t have to cut them! It turns out they were all the perfect size to turn into pillow cases instead.

You can have pillows on the couch instead of cushions right? Why not


All I did to make them was cut one coordinating fabric to the same size as the tea towel, plus I added in a little flap to tuck the pillow into, sewed up the edges and I was done. I think it took about 5 min to make each cover.

Besides being good cushions, with so many little bodies over on the weekends we are always in need of pillows and blankets, so now we have three more pretty pillows for the girls to fight over.